terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2008




© by João Batista do Lago


In the wall of the time

I am the instant deepest

Painting in three dimensions

Loaded of tragic traces

In the without-end of the spaces


The multicolorful inks

They reflect in the screen

Forms, models and corpus

Of the tragic and comic magic of the life

- Comedy of dying itself of itself to be born itself -


In double flicks it goes constructing the artist

Its epic diversity in the line of the time

Double of a unit dialectic: Reason and Imagination

In both the deforms poems of gratefulness and oblations

They go disclosing to days and nights of sciences and poetries


All sees thus the painter its workmanship

Looking at the screen of the side nothing

It sees that only of this angle

It has perspective… It has life! It has death!

Succession of the instant deepest


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